Wulf Western is an mega-corporation that features in the 2012 reimagining of Syndicate. Their base of operation is centered within Berne, Switzerland and in Catania, Italy. Wulf Western operates the agents playable in the co-operative missions.

Executive BoardEdit

  • info.unavailable (CEO/Strategy Commander)
  • Carmelo Bonura (Financial Advisor, Catania)
  • Andrew Wade
  • Ludvig Molero (Director of Covert Operations, Berne)
  • Nina Klaas (Head of Public Relations, Berne)
  • info.unavailable
  • Herbert Buth

Intel FeedEdit

/ CG_intel.report_890113

Wulf Western incorporated was founded in 2058 as an unholy union of German industrial know-how and Sicilian Cosa-Nostra traditions, all of it funded by the renegade Swiss banking consortium Nachsten-Sohn AG.

Focusing on healthcare products, munitions manufacture and Syndicated banking, they have recently exploded onto the stock market.

To facilitate further expansion and the ability to contend with the major Syndicates, Wulf Western has begun aggressive recruitment efforts aimed towards establishing an Agent force of their own. Though still barely a speck on the radar of the world's mega-corporations, this young Syndicate is nonetheless starting to earn a reputation for its unadulterated ambition and ruthlessness.

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