West Meld Solutions is a rival organization in Syndicate. They are a subsidiary of Aspari.

The player is tasked with finding Gary Chang, an Aspari/West Meld Solutions scientist, during the Assault on Aspari mission.

Intel feedEdit

A wholly owned subsidiary of the Aspari Syndicate. West Meld Solutions is one of the world leaders in chip technology and meldware. Their internal Research and Development division is also considered to be at the forefront of new weapons technology. Many outside analysts regard them as one of the jewels in Aspari's business portfolio, and a major contributing factor in their ability to keep an even pace with EuroCorp in the Chip arms race.

They are based out of Aspari South Central in the Greater Los Angeles metrozone. One of their top researches, and perhaps West Meld's most recognizable personality in their aggressive Syndicate-sponsored advertising, is the brilliant biotech engineer Gary Chang.

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