Wakeup Call
Wakeup Call
Basic information
Previous mission N/A
Next mission Assault on Aspari
Propaganda 3
Business cards 2
Weapons APP3, ACR-10

Wakeup Call is the first mission in Syndicate. It introduces the main characters Miles Kilo, Lily Drawl, Jules Merit and Jack Denham.

The mission is set in the training grounds of EuroCorp, where the player is introduced to the various features of the game, such as basic weaponry usage and the DART Overlay.



In a EuroCorp facility designed to emulate the Downzone region, Kilo is woken and harrassed by a guard. After killing him, Kilo makes his way through an extensive training ground and a series of obstacles and enemies, learning to use his newfound abilites to his advantage. He then crashes through an obstacle to find Merit, Drawl, and Denham waiting for him, who all congratulate him on his performance, and have his DART synchronized.



Business CardsEdit

  1. In the area where you obtain your first pistol, on the stairs to the right.
  2. After breaking the chains off the fence, you will enter an apartment. The card is on the round table in front of you.


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