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UMK In-Game

The UMK shooting.

When it was released in 2021 by independent weapon manufacturer Deimling Industrien, the first UMK model was marketed as a personal defence weapon.

In 2032, only months after the Johannesburg assassination of President Hector Van Niekerk, changes in export/import laws facilitated a merger with Saxe SIT, creating the international weapon manufacturer Saxe-Deimling.

Production during 2033 introduced a revolutionary muzzle-climb compensation technology, increasing the UMK's popularity within elite military and Syndicate assault forces.

The standard UMK-Mark IV model is an open bolt blowback-operated sub-machine gun that fires .223 caliber SDE ammunition.

The UMK is the more prominent sub-machine gun on the Downzone black market and alleged campaigns to stop its rapid spread are often mocked as some of the most obvious political stunts in the corporate sphere.

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Components Edit

  • UMK Schalldämfer: Using data from soldiers in the field, Saxe-Deimling have introduced the Schalldämfer (German for silencer). By combining reactive coolant and utilizing the principles of destructive interference, it makes the UMK one of the very few weapons to boast complete inaudibility above 12 to 15 yards from a discharged weapon.
    • Research Energy 5000
  • Muzzle-climb Reduction: The advanced muzzle climb reduction system compensates for the UMK's high rate of fire and makes it a lot more accurate without any noticeable effect on handling. It repurposes the 'Hoodlum's Spraycan' into a weapon perfectly suited for elite military and Syndicate assault forces.
    • Research Energy 7500
  • Barrel Rebore: Because of the UMK's compact build and high material quality, scientists realized that the barrel could be rerifled to accommodate a larger caliber. The difference in weight is minimal, but the gain in stopping power is considerable.
    • Research Energy 7500
  • Grip Extension: The idea of a magazine extension is self-explanatory, but the 2h grip extension is more than just a bigger magazine. It's constructed in such a way that parts of it fold into the main handle, allowing a more comfortable and steadier two-handed grip. Magazine capacity is increased by 20 rounds.
    • Research Energy 10000
  • Red-Dot Sight: The addition of the red-dot sight to this gun has made it more efficient in mid-range combat situations. The sight makes the acquisition of targets easier and faster, extending the useful range of the weapon considerably.
    • Research Energy 10000
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