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Starbreeze's Logo (1998-present)

Starbreeze Studios (Formerly O3 Games) is a Swedish based video game developer based in Uppsala, Sweden that was founded by a group of people from a defunct demo group "Triton". StarBreeze Studios is the developer of Syndicate.


The company was founded in 1998, under the name O3 Games. In 2000, O3 Games merged with the smaller company Starbreeze Studios which was then based in Härnösand, Sweden

Starbreeze Studios´ founders include people who were formerly members of the PC demo group Triton; Magnus Högdahl worked as CTO and was credited as Lead Engine Programmer. He ended his employment in July 2009. Along with

Fredrik Ljungdahl, Jens Matthies, Jim Kjellin, Kjell Emanuelsson, Michael Wynne and Jerk Gustafsson, went on to found Machinegames also located in the same city with Starbreeze.



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