Category Defensive
Type Chip functionality, ePBP Application firmware update
Energy Grade 2, Medium energy consumption

Shielding is an application in Syndicate. It boosts the armor of the team.

Intel feedEdit

Applicatino utilizes an ePBP interface to link together an entire team. This is an expansion of EuroCorp's patented PairBond chip system.

EuroCorp specialists found a way to re-engineer Cayman Global's Adrenaline Surge 2.0 upgrade. The goal was to achieve a longer lasting effect, as well as a shield that could be propagated among the entire team. The Shielding application was the result.

While connected, the Applicatoin causes kinetic energy to be stored through capacitors in the Agent's armor. When activated the energy is used to form an electormagnetic barrier on the user, as well as all Agents connected to the TB protocol.