Hidden graffiti tags can be found on various walls throughout the world. You can reveal them by engaging DART Overlay and adding them to the Infobank. Resistance tags contain anti-Syndicate propaganda aimed at stirring discontent. Syndicate tags subliminally promote the companies' corporate agendas.

TWB Resistance Graffiti Edit

  • Surveillance - A New Era ...of Surveillance
  • Oppression - A New Era ...of Oppression
  • Control - Cares for You Controls You
  • Prey - Cares for You Preys on You
  • Data Vessel - Innovation Working for You Organic Data Vessel, Know Your Place
  • Destroy - Innovation Working for You Innovating to Destroy You
  • We Own - We Know You We Own You
  • Know Everything - We Know You We Know Everything About You
  • Fatal Thinking - Future Thinking Fatal Thinking
  • History - Future Thinking ...ignoring History
  • Mind - DART6 - Access the World ...and Lose Your Mind
  • Soul - DART6 - Access the World ...and Sell Your Soul
  • Exploit - Building a Better World ...for them to Exploit
  • Corpse - Building a Better World ...on Your Corpse
  • For Freedom - Together, for Change Resist Together, For Freedom
  • For Profit - Together, for Change Together, For Profit
  • No Tomorrow - The Chip of Tomorrow, Today The Chip of No Tomorrow
  • Fight Today - The Chip of Tomorrow, Today For Victory Tomorrow, Fight Today
  • Hack - Help Us Help You Help Us Hack You
  • Help - Help Us Help You Help the Resistance Save You
  • Future - Working for Your Future Working Against a Future
  • Corporate Power - Working for Your Future Working for Corporate Power

EuroCorp Edit

  • Belong - Belong to EuroCorp
  • Remember - We Will Remember for You
  • Good Consumer - Be a Good Consumer
  • Report - Report Suspicious Behavior
  • Stay Calm - Stay Calm, Stay Connected
  • Upgrade Now - Upgrade Now. Avoid Termination
  • Love - Love Who We Tell You
  • Trust - Trust the Agents
  • No Doubt - No Not Doubt. Do Not Fear
  • Need - You Need EuroCorp
  • Desire - Desire What We Give You
  • Orders - Follow Orders
  • We Know - We Know Where You Are
  • Correction - Report to Agent Correction Center
  • Miles Kilo - You Are EuroCorp, Miles Kilo.

Aspari Edit

  • Sparrow / Hawk - You are the Sparrow. We are the Hawk.
  • Work Harder - A person who says it cannot be done needs to work harder.
  • Failing to Plan - Failing to plan is planning to get fired.
  • No Life - There is no life without us.
  • Clear Conscience - A clear conscience never fears an agent.
  • Sticks Out - The stake that sticks out gets hammered down.
  • Mistake - If you fail to correct a mistake, we will correct you.
  • Upgrade Today - Upgrade today, for you don't know what tomorrow brings.
  • Money Speaks - Money speaks more than the mouth.
  • Mirror - The Chip is the mirror of your soul.

Cayman Global Edit

  • Obey
  • Improve
  • Strength
  • Domination
  • Victory
  • Depend
  • Superior
  • Power
  • Profit
  • Conform

Book of Cataclysm, Church of the New Epoch Edit

  • Verse 9:11 - To take a life is Sin. To take millions is religion.
  • Verse 27:8 - A hundred elephants can wreck the outer walls of a fortress. One diseased rat can kill all those inside.
  • Verse 9:45 - Serenity will let you speak to your Enemy. Overwhelming firepower will let you take his home.
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