Propaganda is a type of collectibles in Syndicate. Propaganda comes in the form of posters that the player can only track down using DART Vision.

Picking up a business card will also give the a new character dossier.


Wakeup CallEdit

  1. In the area where you obtain your first pistol, on the stairs to the right.
  2. After breaking the chains off the fence, you will enter an apartment. The card is on the round table in front of you.

Intel feedEdit

Linking directly into the chip and brain of consumers, Syndicates can now push messages and emotions, deliberrately changing their target's preferences and state of mind.

Consumer messages are associatively connected to the corporate brand and iconic statements of the Syndicate.

Warning: Reports from Downzone raids indicate the presence of dataverse graffiti. Religious and political groups push subliminal messages and anti-Syndicate propaganda to chipped inhabitants.

Please scan and transfer global coordinates of any disruptive messages to Central Intelligence.