New York
Area New York, (city)
Affiliation EuroCorp
Center of power EC Manhattan Office, The Spire
City area 520.2 sq mi (1347.31 km2)
Consumer market 26.233.450 (city) / 61.197.808 (greater metropolitan area)

New York is a location in Syndicate.

Intel feedEdit

New York City, largest and most populous urban area on mainland USA. Eurocorp 2065 population survey identified over 45 distinct ethnic groups and over 37 spoken languages in Downzone districts. Upzone standardized to English speaking only after the Skyward migration.

Chip interation within Upzone areas confirmed at 98.5%. Chip integration within Downzone areas unconfirmed but believed to be sub 3%.

Known subverter groups residing in Downzone: TWB (Towers Will Burn), believed to be a splinter of International terrorist group CONFA. Current base of operations unknown.