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Miles Kilo is a EuroCorp agent and is the main protagonist in the single player campaign of Syndicate. His mentor, and friend, is Agent Merit. His role is a significant one for EuroCorp in the corporate wars and has been chosen for trial runs on the DART 6 chip while under supervision of Lily Drawl.

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He was raised, and is owned, by EuroCorp. His parents were assassinated by EuroCorp, specifically under Jack Denham's orders and was brought into the Syndicate agent program. Miles is viewed as little more than an asset to further their means, having his memory wiped when it suited the corporation to bring any dissidence back in line. His memory is restored, but he helped Lily Drawl. Kilo began to kill EuroCorp and hunt down Jack Denham.

Business is War

From the game manual

In Syndicate, you play as Miles Kilo, a one-man army caught in the midst of a global corporate struggle for power and influence. Surrounded by corruption and deceit, all you have to rely on are your wits and the cutting-edge DART-6-bio-chip technology implanted in your brain.

Armed with the most advanced weaponry of the digital age, you can slow down time, breach the digital world around you, and bring down enemies with sophisticated hacking abilities. Let nothing stand in your way of uncovering the truth.


Kilo is a product of the AOP initiative put in place by EC New York's research wing in the late forties. His parents were eliminated when he reached the practice-mandatory eighteen-month age limen and he was recovered intact. Home environment to that date was loving and stable, data-mining research indicated high levels of intelligence, physical resilience and drive in low social status parents, making the child an ideal candidate for Favoured Son.

Intel Feed

/ activation_AOP_311M_0801: Miles Kilo

Kilo was indentured at the EC Manhattan crèche in 2052 and subjected to standard protocol AOP treatment and DART 4.7 chip installation before entering Agent training 2054.

/ Agent.Operations: assignments

Preliminary ops 2061 - 63; New York, Chicago, Mexico City.

Full Agent status conferred 2064.

Subsequent operations; Mexico City, Miami, New York, seconded to Rapid Deployment Force 2067 Jakarta, Singapore, Western Australia.

/ Agent.Operations: blackStripe.research

Enrolled into Black Stripe program in 2068 for prototype research.

/ AOP_development.report_0115862

Kilo shows a resilience and flexibility of mind often found lacking in other Agents. This trait renders him somewhat unpredictable in loyalty terms, but suits him well for experimental duty. Suggest immediate secondment to the DART6 trials program, under Dr. Lilian Drawl.

In the event that the new DART software causes any kind of unforeseen psychological or biotech blowback, Kilo is eminently replaceable due to mid-level Agent status.

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