Liquid Armor infantry units are one rank above basic infantry units that have a liquid coating made of moving particles powered by a generator around their suit that can stop a bullet or even reflect a bullet when it hits the armor. Liquid armor infantry units will always have the Castellano CQC-11 shotgun with primary fire mode and will try to get up close to their target and cause damage with the shotgun. They have one weakness though, which is the generator that keeps the particles in the armor from crystallizing and, if breached, will cause the liquid armor to crystallize and the work IMMUNE will change to VULNERABLE. The health bar will change to half white and half yellow, if unit is shot, the yellow half of the bar will deplete. When the yellow bar is depleted, the crystallized armor will shatter and the unit will not be able to regenerate it, leaving him vulnerable to damage. From there, simple damage weapons should be able to kill him. If the yellow bar is not depleted and does not take damage for a short time, the liquid armor will become stable again and the generator must be breached to crystallize the armor again.

This type of trait is shared with the liquid armor UAV unit, as all bullets that hit the armor will not damage the drone until it is crystallized.

There is a way how to kill the unit without breaching it, which is use a high caliber sniper such as the Kunsanagi HSR-6 sniper rifle. Any bullet that is high caliber has a better chance to surpass the liquid armor and kill the unit, though it will take one bullet to the head to kill the unit, otherwise the unit takes medium damage.


- It is best to stay away from the unit due to them always wielding a shotgun, which makes attacking the unit at close range a bad idea. Any mid to long range weaponry is advised to take the unit down or if you risk doing this, use DART Overlay and attack the unit while it is vulnerable with a shotgun (DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS IN HARD DIFFICULTY AS DEATH WILL RESULT)

- The Gauss Gun may be able to breach the armor of the liquid armor infantry unit since the liquid armor UAV can be destroyed by it without breaching.