Born to Downzone parents. Excelled in Downzone educational system and identified by EuroCorp intellectual talent scouts at the age of 16. Attended New Columbia Medical on scholarship. Distanced herself from family, particularly her brothers who demonstrated early corporate dissention and Downzone anarchist traits.

Intel FeedEdit

Regularly channels money to Lower Manhattan Downzone address. Residential log indicates her parents as last known tenants.

/ Intel Report: Investigation in progress

Communication between Lilian Drawl and Aspari asset Gary Chang has been intercepted and decrypted. Content suggests previous interaction and possible exchange of classified information.

/ Intel Report: Security Risk Update (Very High)

Documented cross-Syndicate communication and association with known terrorist Kris Delaney. EuroCorp research and security data have been shared with terrorist organizations and competing Syndicate networks.

// Tactical Update

Global security alert. Terminate soft asset on sight.

/ end of entry

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