Basic information
Previous mission The Wall
Next mission Human Resources
Propaganda 5
Business cards 2
Weapons UMK Mark IV, Razorback M786, EDF40, APP3 (used by Drawl)

Kris is the fifteenth single-player mission in Syndicate. The player is tasked with finding and neutralizing the radical leader of the TWB movement, Kris Delaney. Completion of this mission unlocks the Campaign: Downzone achievement.



Break open the hatch in front of you using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F and take down the enemies in the next room. Head inside the control room and snipe the enemies in the next area. Run to the next control room to turn off the power of the jammer, allowing you to breach into the turret. Head inside the next control room and break open the door in that room. Head through the office area and wait for the camera feed to end. A door will open allowing you to enter the elevator. Activate the elevator and break open the door, and you'll get in a fight with Kris.

To take him down, breach into a EMP mine whilst he's standing next to it or hit him with an EMP grenade. Whilst he's exposed, fire everything you've got at him. After he's dead, extract his chip and get in the elevator. Head up the ladder ahead to finish the mission.




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