Jules Merit is a EuroCorp agent in Syndicate. He is the friend and mentor of Kilo.

Kilo meets Merit after finishing his DART6 training. He was sent to kill Kilo for betraying EuroCorp.

Background Edit

Merit was recovered from the Jersey Downzone in 2046 via standard channels; at an estimated five and a half years old, he was already substantially older than most adoptees, and his life on the streets rendered him almost totally feral.

Intel Feed Edit

/ activation_AOP_311M_0502: Jules Merit

Merit was initialized at nine years, three months of age - then a record for EC Agent induction.

Psychopathic deviations seemed to feed well into the basic training, making him highly competitive and intensely task focused; he was rapidly elevated to the Advanced Agent Training crèche in Geneva as a result. Field trials at age fourteen - London and Budapest - confirmed him as well ahead of the psychopathy/competence curve necessary for successful Agent status.

/ Agent.Operations: assignments

Preliminary Ops 2053 - 57; Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev.

Full Agent status conferred 2057.

Subsequently distinguished himself as part of the EC Rapid Deployment Force, operating in arenas as fas afield as Osaka (2059), Kuala Lampur (2061) and Melbourne (2063); became something of an expert in operations against Aspari targets as a result.

Seconded to New York 2065 with special remit for anti-Aspari insurgency and strategic terrorism.

/ AOD_executive.report_ZTU315

Black Three Clearance, attached to New York Executive Command, reporting directly to the Director of Operations Jack Denham.

No fixed duties, roving remit.

Merit's enduring diamond-focus psychopathic tendencies and childhood lack of a father figure, have engendered a close bond with the director Denham. careful tending of this bond should yield a samurai-like willingness to obey without question and regardless of outcome; put simply, Merit will already cheerfully kill men, women or children on Denham's order; with a little extra psychological management, he should be prepared equally cheerfully to die for him.

/ end of entry

Threat Analysis Edit

Feature: Remote pair-bond healing and DART chip extended breaching.

Tactical Summary Edit

Prototype armor containing adaptable layers. Energy signature suggests a combination of reactive armor and liquid shield protection.

Breaching is limited due to firewalled chip I/O port.

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