Jack Denham
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Jack Denham is the twentieth mission in Syndicate. The player must fight a now heavily upgraded Agent Merit, who is standing in his way of confronting Denham. Completion of this mission unlocks the Syndicated achievement.



Keep going straight until you encounter Jules Merit and two other Agents. You'll get blown off the platform on the lower level. Take down Merit first by firing at him on his platform. This'll make him drop the platform, and now you can focus on the two other agents. Start off by breaching their armor.. The key here is to keep moving from cover to cover (note that you can raise certain covers, but your enemies can also drop them again), and going into DART overlay if you're nearly dead, so choose your perks wisely here, as some of them can save your life. If one of the two Agents dies, and the other one manages to reach her, then she'll help her back up at half health. So make sure that they're both separated and nearly dead before you finish them. After they're both dead, Merit will come back up. He has a minigun, so don't stand directly in his line of fire. Breach into his armor when you get the chance, and fire short bursts before taking cover again. If you keep your distance from Merit and stay in cover, you should be good, as the minigun is an inaccurate weapon. Remember to raise the cover in the center if Merit drops it, as it'll be the perfect way to evade his fire. After taking Merit down, head up the elevator in the large area and follow the walkway. Watch the ending cutscene, and you're all done. Congratulations, you've just finished Syndicate!


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