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Jack Denham is a character in Syndicate. He is the CEO of EuroCorp and the overseer of their Agents.


Jack Denham was born when governments and politicians were still the norm, coming from a family of lawmakers and corporate leaders. When he was still a young man, his mother committed suicide after lurid press coverage of an illicit affair, and his father retreated into his work.

During university, Denham engaged in social studies, psychology and economics, publishing multiple articles about how individuality corrupts social structures. When the Syndicates arose as a global force, he embraced the change as the replacement of the mother and father he'd lost.

Intel FeedEdit

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Jack Denham's father, Jonathan Denham, was a judge in the US Supreme Court, and died of cancer in 2019. Before his death, he managed the AntiTrust Vote of 2018, where US Congress rejected the Sherman Act and 70% of the existing AntiTrust laws in North America, opening the door for establishing Syndicate control within the US border.

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Jack Denham specialized early in corporate security systems and biotech, and also made a name for himself as a savagely efficient operative, extracting and interrogating executives and specialists during field ops.

In 2021, he attached himself to EuroCorp, as they founded their North-American branch. In 2065, he was on the third place of top influential world leaders, according to the WorldPoll monthly.

Rumors in state press indicate that Denham has accessed cellular level technologies to arrest his ageing, augmenting his mental and physical capabilities.

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Voice ActorEdit

Jack Denham's voice talent is provided by Brian Cox. Brian Cox is an Emmy award winning actor whose film credits include such notable titles as Braveheart, Troy, and the Bourne series films.

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