Infantry units are the basic forms of enemies in Syndicate. Infantry units are lightly armored and usually come with an assault rifle (TAR-39 or the ACR-10), shotgun (Castellano CQC-11 only), or a pistol (APP-3 only). Strangely, infantry units do not seem to know how to use secondary fire modes (TAR-39 grenade launcher or the APP-3 3 round burst fire mode). Their overall strategy seems to be more like a flank and eliminate style, as they will sometimes run past enemy cover and open fire on them. They are the most vulnerable to being breached as they mostly stay in the open firing upon enemies. In some occasions, they will constantly lob SEEF-2 grenades at their enemies, which could be a pain (or an advantage if you breach them before they explode). The best tactic is to lob a SEEF-2 grenade behind enemy cover to lure them out then open fire or use any applications on any exposed enemies, or use DART overlay to run behind enemy cover and open fire or execute any enemies before it expires.

There are many forms of infantry: Aspari infantry, Cayman Global infantry, and security guards. Aspari and Cayman Global infantry units both have white suits, with the exception that the Cayman Global variant has full white suits with black while Aspari variants have white suits with black and red. Security guards have a normal look with red clothing and black vests (unlike the club variant in A Train To Catch, which they wear a black tuxedo).


- During the mission Cayman Global, an extraction team of 4 infantry members and 1 agent breach Lilian Drawl's apartment. The camera feed is the best way to see the infantry's suits as the sunlight allows clear view of them.

- It seems that infantry units have the lowest of clearance in a syndicate as they are restricted to using basic weaponry and are not seen with a higher level weapon like the Gauss Gun or the Harbringer Mini-gun.

- It appears that infantry do not have the ability to breach and that their chips can be easily breached, which are further pieces of evidence that they have low level chips.