The Harbinger G290 is a mobile minigun in Syndicate.

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The Harbinger G290 Minigun is a massive multi-barrel machine gun from Saxe-Deimling. It is designed for mechanized infantry and gunship platforms. Licensed production has been in effect since 2061, most frequently in existing vehicle and weapon systems manufacturers.

The heavy weight restricts the use to gun mounts and enforced Agents. The grip has a built-in bullet feed chip-access system allowing data transfer between the gun and the user's chip.

The Harbinger fires 30mm armor-piercing discarding sabot rounds, can only fire with the barrels in full spin and therefore requires a brief windup period before fire.

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  • Projectile Trailing: The child’s play known as Follow the Leader inspired scientists to thread bullets together, “following” one another. For the G290, this means that the aim isn’t all that significant, as bullets fired from the weapon will literally lead the way for subsequent bullets. For a fully automatic weapon that has always suffered from an accuracy disadvantage, this is a huge leap forward.
    • Research Energy 10000
  • Vertical Compensator: Even if the multiple barrels of the G290 disperse recoil naturally, the gradual climb of the weapon’s shot placement is reduced further by an active vertical compensator. This smart device angles the entire barrel mount over time, following the operating agent’s movement and adjusting the barrels accordingly.
    • Research Energy 10000
  • Double Spring Windup: Initial experiments in windup reduction allowed the main trigger to be pressed at anytime, which sometimes cause the entire firing mechanism to explode. Before this solution was abandoned, the G290 was known as the Agent Grill. Now, by attaching an additional spring mechanism to the electronic motor spinning the barrels, the delay between pressing the button to spin the barrels and firing is greatly reduced.
    • Research Energy 15000
  • RAHE Ammo: Until the arrival of the G290, there were no weapons capable of utilizing rocket-assisted high explosive munitions. Discharged just like a regular cartridge, the bullet’s propellants fired just a few milliseconds before impact, with the purpose of embedding the small explosive charge into the target before detonating. Initial tests have proven extremely effective.
    • Research Energy 20000



  • In promotional material, the Harbinger is represented as an M134 minigun being carried by Tihomir Darius.
  • The Harbinger possesses a bottomless magazine in single-player, where as in co-op, it only carries 200 rounds.
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