Gary Chang is an Aspari scientist. In the single-player mission Executive Search, Miles Kilo is tasked with finding him and retrieving his chip. Chang kills himself, after he tells Kilo "If you try to kill me, I'll blow the chip. That's what you came for, right?", Kilo then walks closer to Chang, when he yells "You'll never stop us!"


Gary Chang is the youngest son of West Coast Chinese-American family with connections all over the Aspari powerbase. He attended Stanford-Aspari, specializing in Biotechnology.  He was in a relationship with Mizuki Watanabe who is currently residing in Downzone, but their relationship ended as a result of Chang family influence.

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Is considered at high risk of corporate dissention as a result of personal and family conflicts. Currently on Aspari watchlist but retained under Aspari employ due to family connections and neural implant skillset.

Gary Chang has been noted as one of the attendees of the C3 conference in January 2069.

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Priority Liquidation Order in effect. Terminate soft asset and extract bio-chip for digital deconstruction.

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