This page is about the corporation. For the mission, see EuroCorp (mission).

EuroCorp is an organization in Syndicate which the protagonist, Miles Kilo, works for. EuroCorp was the first mega-corporation and came about as a result of the merger between Kader Industrieen and Euroline Medical.

In the co-op mission New England, the player is tasked with raiding the EuroCorp headquarters to find the high-priority blueprints for the Leonardo device.

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By 2017 the European Community was suffering internal breakdown.
In this atmosphere of mutual distrust and aggression the CHIP was perfected. It kept the populace occupied while, in the background, competing governments fell to corporate interests and the Syndicates moved in. When the dust had settled only EuroCorp remained. But EuroCorp's monopoly of world CHIP production couldn't last forever, and soon the executive was defending itself from rival Syndicate interests on all fronts.
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A Eurocorp soldier as identified by the logo on his right shoulder.

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