Escape from Los Angeles
Basic information
Previous mission A Train to Catch
Next mission EuroCorp
Propaganda 3
Business cards 1
Weapons TAR-39, Harbinger G290

Escape from Los Angeles is the fifth campaign mission in Syndicate. The player is tasked with defending themselves from countless waves of enemies inside an Aspari train. Completing this mission unlocks the All Aboard achievement/trophy.




Keep moving forward through the train (opening the doors using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F) until you encounter several enemies. The suicide application is very useful here, as the cars you fight the Aspari infantry units in are very small. In the first car you will encounter three enemies. There's an explosive can in the back which can take them out in one shot. In the next car you'll encounter three enemies and a turret. Hack the turret and let it do all the work. After leaving that car, you'll reach a larger cart. Take the mini-gun from the storage chest in the back, and get ready to cause major carnage. Wait for the enemies to breach the door, and take down any and all of the enemies in the next room. The minigun has unlimited ammo, so don't worry about that. After they're all dead, head back to the car where you found the minigun. Take the elevator up on your right. Keep going forward until you encounter a dropship. Keep firing on it until its hull is breached and it blows up, breaching its turret using Xbox Leftbumper/PlayStation L2/E whenever it (re)activates.


Video WalkthroughEdit




  1. After you exit the train, turn around and look at the right wall near some stairs.

Business CardsEdit

  1. After you enter the train car filled with the poisoin gas, look to your left for the card. It should be on one of the tables just before you exit the car.


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