Emma Thalos
Vital statistics
Gender female
Age 31
Position Agent
Affiliation Wulf Western
Clearance Grade 15

Emma Thalos is one of the four playable co-op characters in Syndicate.


Emma Thalos became the youngest scientist to ever hold a position in Cayman Global's prominent research and development branch. A firm believer in transhumanism, she was soon experimenting with illegal body modification technology, but after a series of accidents, she was quickly barred from performing experiments on human subjects.

Continuing her experiments in secret on volunteers from her old university, leaked stories of several forced amputations and widely publicized fatalities forced Cayman Global to distance themselves from her. When her experiments didn't cease, she was summarily fired from Cayman Global R&D and all experimental results and resources were confiscated.

Burning through her family's considerable fortune, she began experimenting again, using her own body as a test platform. Testing herself with chemicals, hormones and even exotic bacteria, she quickly discovered that she was adapting exceptionally well to the technology implants that had killed some of her fellow students.

Once she started signing up for freelance combat missions across the globe, it didn't take long for her ruthlessness and unique cryo-modification technology to come to the attention of Wulf Western.

Intel feedEdit

The Thalos family is one of the most prominent families of Costa Rica, with major investments in the shipping industry. One of the last prominent families without direct ties to a Syndicate. When the young daughter of the Thalos family, Emma Thalos, joined Cayman Global's R&D deparment, it was widely seen as the first step in aligning the Thalos family with the Cayman Global Syndicate.