Tactical Summary Edit

Vaporizes solid-type projectiles up to 20 mm range. Breaching dumps stored capacitive charge, making armor vulnerable.

Enough physical damage to the conductive plates will remove its capacitive abilities, rendering it useless. Backup conductive plates will take over if primary system is destroyed.

Deadly capacitive discharge occurs when armor is destroyed.

Intel Feed Edit

Developed in 2067 by NRT Systems AG, a subsidiary of EuroCorp. To limit the chance of this design falling into the hands of other Syndicates, deployment has been limited to executive bodyguard service and defensive actions on EuroCorp territory.

Offensive deployment into enemy Syndicate territory requires director-level signoff from Geneva.

A suit of electromagnetic reactive armor protects its wearer by having overlapping conductive plates that act as powerful capacitors. These capacitors dump a high amount of energy into the penetrating projectile, turning it into a plasma and negating the attack. An advanced ceramic mesh dissipates thermal attacks.

A massive electrical charge runs through the armor, normally safely stored in the conductive plates. If the armor sustains heavy damage, its storage ability becomes highly unstable, and the remaining charge will be dumped, generating fatal electric arcs.

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