The EMW-56 (or Gauss Gun) is a fully automatic, lock-on gauss rifle developed by Mao-Murdoch Ltd. featured in Syndicate. The weapon marks its first appearance in the game's second mission, "Assault on Aspari".

Intel FeedEdit

The Mao-Murdoch EMW-56 Gauss Carbine (electromagnetic weapon) is a fully automatic portable delivery system for Mao Industries' patented 5.4x56mm PP-X programmable projectile range.

Initial development and production is conducted in the Zürich facilities, but the model's need for extensive trace calibration requires Mao-Murdoch engineers to be on site during implementation. These contractors are embedded with the R&D and development departments for each individual client Syndicate.

Initial targeting feeds a coded seek protocol into each PP-X shell on firing, until the deemed target is registered by the carbine's processor as neutralized, or the weapon clip fires empty. The EMW-56 features a one-touch visual lock for run-and-gun glimpse targeting, and a variable capacity receiver to accommodate Mao's full range of jacketed, armor piercing, explosive or incendiary modes.

The EMW-56 is by far the lightest electromagnetic assault weapon on the market today.

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  • KERB Munitions: The KERB (Kinetic Energy Release Blast) system coats the chosen ammunition with microscopic capacitors. These capacitors store kinetic energy as the bullet is in motion, releasing that energy on impact. The result is a short but powerful electric blast, pushing the target back.
    • 10000 Research Energy
  • Munitions Miniaturization: Minimizing the size of the discarding sabots for the smart bullets, it's possible to store more ammo in a magazine. The magazines are also lighter, allowing Gauss gun marksmen to carry more ammunition than their equivalents in opposing Syndicates.
    • 15000 Research Energy
  • DMD System: Deferred Munitions Detonation is the simple concept of waiting to explode the internal explosives until after penetration has occurred. As systems go, this is a small change to the computer software of the EMW-56, but the fine-tuning and balancing has been a real challenge for scientists.
    • 20000 Research Energy


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