Corporate War
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Corporate War is the seventeenth mission in Syndicate. The player has been imprisoned by EuroCorp and to get out of the building with Lilian Drawl.



Wait for the elevator to reach the lobby. Exit it, and follow Lilian Drawl to the next room. You'll be attacked by several Cayman Global operatives attacking EuroCorp. Take them down and head through the door on the left wall. Note that one of them has armor, so breach his armor before attacking him. After exiting through the door, there'll be a locked door blocking the way. Lily will breach into the security system and open the door, allowing you both to enter the next area. Here, you'll be attacked by another group of EuroCorp guards. Hold out against multiple waves of enemies in this area. After they're all dead, enter the control room on the left wall and hack into the system to open the door. You'll be attacked by two turrets. The room will go into lockdown and you'll be attacked by two turrets. Breach them using Xbox Leftbumper/PlayStation L2/E. Next, two UAV Drones will attack you. Breach their armor and shoot them. After the room's clear, break open the hatch on the back wall using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F and climb through the vent. Head forward through the maintenance area and activate the switch at the end to complete the mission.


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