Cayman Global
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Propaganda 3
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Cayman Global is the eight mission in Syndicate. The player is tasked with rescuing Lilian Drawl from Cayman Global. Completion of this mission unlocks the Campaign: EuroCorp achievement.



You'll start off in a large atrium with multiple enemies attacking you. Start off with using all of your applications so you can find cover. There will also be an enemy with liquid armor, so be sure to breach his armor before shooting him. Head to the opposite side of the atrium and leave it. Enter the maintenance area and keep going straight until you reach a set of stairs. Go upstairs, head through the door on the right and once again follow the hallway until you encounter two more enemies. There should be a door on your left. Enter the room, and you'll encounter three more enemies. One of them will once again have liquid armor, so make sure you prioritize him. After you take them down, a large, heavily armored bad guy will come out with a minigun. Taking him down works the same way as taking the liquid armor enemies down, just make sure you stay in cover and don't get directly in his line of fire. If you can, take down the two enemies accompanying him first so you can fully focus on the big guy. You'll have to breach him three times and take down three full bars of armor (dull yellow) and health (white), so make sure you don't waste any ammo. After you take him down, grab his minigun and use Xbox Leftbumper/PlayStation L2/E on the cryo vent next to the elevator and shoot the elevator doors. Head inside the elevator and use Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F to go upstairs. In this room, take down all enemies and head outside. Stay in cover, take down all enemies and go forward. Upon exiting the lobby, the dropship takes off and hits you and the screen goes white. After the white screen, it shows that you are holding onto the dropship's roof and a transmission comes from EuroCorp to hold on.


Video WalkthroughEdit




  1. Inside the room with a small bar, on the left side by the window.
  2. After you've breached the elevator, head up the stairs and to your right. Go through the door and you will pass an opening with blue signs. Look behind and above you.
  3. Head to the next room after your get the minigun. You'll find two monitors on the left side, one of them has a hacked EuroCorp signal. This is the propaganda.

Business CardsEdit

  1. In the open area where you start off in, in the back left corner on the floor next to a table, left of the cafe.