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Cayman Global is an organization in Syndicate. At least one mission is based upon infiltrating their headquarters. Cayman Global soldiers don white on black ballistic armor with enclosed helmets that conceal their face. Interestingly enough Cayman Global soldiers don't seem very military disciplined as they frequently spout random insults while hiding behind cover. They also seem to love diving to the floor trying to shoot at you.

Executive Board Edit

  • Jowell Galvan (CEO Naval Operations, La Ballena)
  • Emmanuel Legidos Minguez
  • Linda de Abdelnour
  • Lissue Gil (Central Command, Atlantic Accelerator)
  • Derek Rosales (Operational Manager, Caracas)
  • Miguel Amaral
  • Rafael Novelli (CEO Western Development, Maputo)

Intel Feed Edit

/ Maaler-Schwarz Institute, Survey_30-C71

A relative newcomer among the world's major Syndicates, Cayman Global was founded when several powerful Central American shipping conglomerates merged with three of Brazil's most influential investment banks. The young and dynamic Syndicate quickly used its strength in shipping in tandem with its rising military might to corner several important overseas markets.

Their position as leading Syndicate was cemented when they gained control of the Atlantic Accelerator, one of the world's most advanced research facilities, through a combination of boardroom intrigue and direct military action.

In 2059 to 2061, accelerated takeover of market shares and property in the Mexican Gulf and along the Atlantic ridge, was facilitated through the launch of the world's first three city-rafts; each a self-contained city, with military forces, ocean harvesting and on-board research and development.

After dominating the Mexican Gulf for over five years, Cayman Global's influence was fortified by the launch of "La Ballena", the largest city-raft and the flagship of the largest fleet in the world.

As they continue to aggressively expand into new markets, the interests of Cayman Global seem destined to collide with those of the older Syndicates like EuroCorp and Aspari.

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