Castellano CQC-11
Castellano CQC-11 profile
Manufacturer Castellano Industries
License Cayman Global
Projectile 12 Gauge
Clip size 8 (12 when upgraded)
weight 4.4 kg (9.7 lb.)

The Castellano CQC-11 is a combat shotgun developed by Castellano Industries in Syndicate. It fires12-gauge buckshot from an 8-round magazine (12 when upgraded) and also has a built-in red dot sight to replace standard iron sights.

Its alternate pump action fire mode fires shells infused with mercury fulminate, functioning more like impact grenades than standard buckshot.

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Developed by Castellano Industries in 2049, to empower Cayman Global tactical insertion teams and extraction specialists with close range firepower.

The Castellano CQC-11 is a semi-automatic combat shotgun designed for urban environments. The standard model Castellano has an eight-round magazine loaded with 12 guage depleted uranium shells with inner cores of solid uranium.

It was one of the first weapons fitted with a chip lock, disabling the trigger for anyone except the properly registered owner. Today, even if the mechanism is still there, anyone with a Syndicate chip newer than six years will automatically override the lock.

The Castellano's secondary fire mode uses a pump-action system whch disables the spread charge and primes the whole shell to explode on impact.

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  • DUB Shells: Before now, depleted uranium ammunition has been reserved for large calibers. But using the latest techniques for uranium treatment, the depleted uranium buckshot makes the punch of the CQC-11 even more prominent than before. It has also helped boost its reputation and produced street nicknames like 'The Irradiator' and 'El Nuko'.
  • Magazine Refit: Removing redundant structural metal and safety springs provides space enough for four more shells in the tube magazine of the CQC-11. There have been no recorded downsides to removing the safety springs, but filed testing has been insufficient. Experts say that the likely hood of barrel explosion is only around 30% more than likely than with the springs intact.
  • HTC Loading: High tension coils in a new loading mechanism ensure that shells are moved more quickly into the chamber, increasing overall rate of fire.
  • MF Compound Shot: Using a mechanical pump-action lever to introduce a primer of mercury fulminate into the intentionally unstable buckshot of the CQC-11, scientists have managed to make the shells behave more like impact grenades that buckshot. The otherwise purely mechanical associations to a cocking shotgun have become as ominous as the ticking of a bomb.
  • Shrapnel Casing Buck: Probably the most expensive shotgun shell on the market. Each pellet consists of a steel core, a thin layer of plastic explosive and an outer shell of stainless steel with premade breaking points. On impact, the steel coating will break away splintering in all directions, showering additional enemies in the area with shrapnel.


  • In promotional material, the Castellano was portrayed as a Mossberg 500 being single-handedly wielded by Emma Thalos.