The COIL is a heavy laser rifle in Syndicate.

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The COIL is a long-range combat laser rifle developed by Accelle-Sys Industries' Advanced Energy Armament Division in 2067. It was primarily designed for mechanized military infantry.

The COIL uses an advanced infrared laser system. When fired, the COIL creates a high-intensity, continuous laser beam that was originally intended as portable missile defence system.

The COIL's alternate fire mode focuses the priming of the laser beam during a 0.05 second period for a maximum damage one-shot pulse energy projectile discharge. The pulse energy projectile instantly vaporizes unprotected enemies and will penetrate most barriers. This firing mode causes immediate overheating.

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  • Helium Focus: A small helium/neon bore capillary tub attached to the barrel of the gun. This focuses the beam more tightly, increasing the penetration value at burn point.
    • Research Energy 10000
  • Molten Salt Battery: Initially developed in the early 21st century to store energy from renewable energy sources such as wind farms, Accelle-Sys quickly found a way to reduce the size and apply them to military use. The problem of thermal management was partially solved, but there are still some safety issues.
    • Research Energy 15000
  • Disposable Liquid Coolant: Integrated into the battery cartridge of the COIL laser rifle is a quantity of liquid coolant that allows the user to fire the weapon’s entire battery load in one shot without overheating. As the cartridge is ejected, the liquid coolant is ejected with it. The battery can sometimes be so hot as to cause second-degree burn on unprotected skin.
    • Research Energy 15000
  • Gatling Lens: The widely known revolving gatling mechanism is used in this modification to revolve a drum full of replaceable laser lenses, allowing unused lenses to cool down and the weapon to fire without interruption for longer periods of time.
    • Research Energy 15000
  • Multi-Beam Projector: Replacing the inner workings of the laser projector itself, this experimental new technology projects multiple laser beams into a single springs that is then used as the weapon’s offensive beam This multiplies the intensity of the laser and makes it a lot more potent.
    • Research Energy 20000


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