Burning Tower
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Burning Tower is the nineteenth campaign mission in Syndicate. If the player has been playing on Hard difficulty and achieving optimal performances, the Business is War and Greed is Good achievements will unlock upon completion of this chapter.



Keep going straight through the maintenance area until you reach the lobby. Breach into the turret on the ceiling and the gate control on the left wall using Xbox Leftbumper/PlayStation L2/E and head through the door behind the desk. Head down through the shaft and enter the open area, where you'll be attacked by multiple enemies. Take them all down. There will be multiple waves of enemies, so make sure you stay in cover and have sufficient ammo, only coming out of cover if you need any more. Remember that the DART overlay provides a damage bonus and reduces taken damage. If you have the Executioner perk, you can also melee your enemies to regain a certain amount of health. You'll also face several turrets and UAV Drones, so keep your eyes on the sky.

After the battle, get to the elevator on the opposite side. Activate it, and take down the enemies in the lobby area. Head to the atrium, and after the enemies are dead, head up the escalator and keep going straight until you're once again attacked by a group of enemies. Take them down from afar and head to the end of this large hallway. Go up the stairs on the right and face another wave of enemies here. Head towards the vault-like door at the end of this walkway, and you'll be attacked by three UAV Drones and more enemies. Eliminate them by taking cover behind the plant and breach the vault-like door using Xbox Leftbumper/PlayStation L2/E on both nodes.


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