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Downzone is the thirteenth mission in Syndicate. The player is tasked with making their way to EuroCorp headquarters.



Help yourself back up using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F. You'll be greeted by several enemies. You'll have to take down the first one using Xbox Rightstick/PlayStation Rightstick/PC Mouse3 and grab his weapon. Note that you can not use any of your abilities. Take down the enemies and head towards the door on the opposite side of the room. Break it open using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F. You'll regain your chip functions. Hold out in this area until shielded enemies come in through the door. Take them out, and go through the door they just opened for you. Activate the elevator, and when it stops break through the hatch on the ceiling using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F. Climb up the ladder and head upstairs. Keep going forward and jump through the structural weakness using Xbox Leftstick/PlayStation Leftstick/SHIFT. In this room, activate the generators using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F in the corners of the room and head through the big door. Activate the lever in the hole using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F and wait for the elevator to descend. Next, break the hatch to get inside the elevator and hit the switch inside to make the elevator ascend. When it stops, jump outside and head towards the control room. Pull the lever and get back towards the elevator. Use Xbox Leftbumper/PlayStation L2/E to re-activate the power and get back in the elevator. After the elevator stops, head outside and break open the grate on the top left. Take down the enemies in this room, and head up the short stairs. Head in the elevator and activate it to finish the mission.


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