Category Support
Type Chip functionality, DnDP Application firmware update
Energy Grade 1, Low energy consumption

Backfire is a DART 6 enabled ability in Syndicate. When used, it causes an enemy soldier's weapon to misfire, dealing damage and knocking them back.


  • Chamber Patch: causes the misfire to occur when the round is entering the chamber. Increases damage by 25%. Rom Module 1 chip upgrade required; costs 1 application token.
  • Auto-Shot: causes the Agent's DART chip to send a signal to the target's weapon, making it fire automatically without the user's intervention and misfire when the second round is loaded. Damage increased by a further 25%- Rom Module 2 chip upgrade required.
  • Perforator 3: shapes the misfire's explosion into a directional blast, hitting the user with a storm of shrapnel. Provides an additional 50% damage, effectively doubling Backfire's power. Rom Module 3 chip upgrade required.
  • Backfire V2.0: allows the Agent to affect an additional enemy with Backfire. Rom Module 4 chip upgrade required.

Intel feedEdit

Application DnDP link causes the target's weapon to backfire, dealing a moderate amount of damage and knocking the enemy back.

This can be used to flush a hidden enemy out of cover.

For 3 seconds after being affected by Backfire, the target takes double damage. This makes it easier to perform follow-up kills using the Application.

Weapon chip systems are inferior to military asset chips. The low firewall rating Backfire can affect up to two targets. It can be further upgraded with the Cerberus Targeting module to affect a third target.