Assault on Aspari
Basic information
Previous mission Wakeup Call
Next mission Aspari Extraction
Propaganda 3
Business cards 2
Weapons APP3, TAR-39, EMW-56

Assault on Aspari is the second mission in Syndicate. The player is tasked with finding Aspari/West Meld Solutions scientist Gary Chang, who is working on a chip similar to the DART 6.



After deploying from a chopper, Merit leads Kilo into the facility, executing three guards to gain further access. Embarking solo, Kilo apprehends Chang, who commits suicide at the sight of him. After taking Chang's chip ad using it for a self-upgrade, Kilo finds a way out while encountering Aspari resistance, eventually using an EMW-56 carbine to unlock a security door and gain access to the outside balcony, where he destroys a gunship and escapes via the building's elevator shaft.



Business CardsEdit

  1. Just left of the entrance of the lobby where you and Merit split up. It's on a couch near a dragon statue.
  2. After crawling through a vent to reach Gary Chang's office you'll enter a storage room. It's on top of the storage shelves.
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