Aspari Extraction
Basic information
Previous mission Assault on Aspari
Next mission A Train to Catch
Propaganda 3
Business cards 1
Weapons APP-3

Aspari Extraction is the third mission in Syndicate. The player is tasked with escaping from the Los Angeles Aspari facility after eliminating soft asset Gary Chang.



You'll start off on a platform in what seems to be a maintenance area. Use Xbox Leftstick/PlayStation Leftstick/SHIFT to sprint to the next platform and crawl between the pipes to reach the next platform. Next, peek through the small open area left of the door and use Xbox Leftbumper/PlayStation L2/E to call up the elevator. Move forward through the elevator and break the hatch ahead using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F, to jump down to the lower level. You will be attacked by 3 enemies. Eliminate them, and look to your left for a breach point. Use Xbox Leftbumper/PlayStation L2/E to breach the elevator controls and open the elevator. Again, move through the elevator and keep going straight until you reach another hatch. Break it open using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F, and again to drop down another level. Run right and break open this hatch using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F and enter the vent. Use Xbox Leftstick/PlayStation Leftstick/SHIFT to jump over the hole and keep running forward until you reach a drop-down point. Jump down and look left to breach the elevator . Keep going, go through the door on the left and go forward until you reach a club. After entering the club you will be ambushed. Hold out until a door is breached. Two shielded enemies will come out. Take them out and head upstairs. Head out through the exit above. You will enter a large atrium of sorts. Keep going forward until you reach an escalator on your right. Head downstairs, and exit through the lit up area on the opposite side of the escalator.


Video WalkthroughEdit




  1. At the start of the mission, when learning to sprint and jump, turn around. The propaganda is right on the platform you start off on.
  2. After entering the room with the downed ship, there will be a glass door with two guards in front of it. Look through the glass door to find the second propaganda.
  3. Go down the stairs from the last propaganda poster, and turn left at the red sculpture. The propaganda is through the glass door ahead.

Business CardsEdit

  1. After heading out of the club arena and run into an Aspari ambush, a door will open. After leaving through those doors, turn left and look on the reception desk.


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