Aspari is a global syndicate and one of the main antagonists in the 2012 re-imagining of Syndicate. This corporation is one of the oldest and most experienced Syndicates and their main headquarters are centered in Tokyo, Japan.

In the solo campaign mission "A Train To Catch", Miles Kilo has to fight a boss in which is from Aspari.

Executive BoardEdit

  • Zhao Kim (CEO Triloc, Los Angeles)
  • Taos Chinam
  • Nobuo Senno (Research Advisor, West Meld Solutions)
  • Yoko Mifune
  • Fa Zeng Gao
  • Xian Li (CEO, Tokyo)
  • Kai Li
  • Jin Su Huang
  • Sao Chen Ma (Strategic Operations Officer, Tokyo)

Intel FeedEdit

/ Maaler-Schwarz Institute, Survey_32-B31

The Asia-Pacific Rim Syndicate, today known simply as the Aspari Corporation, is one of the older Syndicates and has long enjoyed a dominant position in their heartland territories. Their origins can be traced back to Japan, but their core markets include south-eastern China and the North American West Coast. Their traditional rivals have long been the Central Asian Tao Syndicate, who bitterly contest Aspari dominance of the critical northern Chinese and Siberian markets. After absorbing the Chinese Triads and the Yakuza, the Aspari emerged as the top player in Asia.

/ Intel Update 31126

In recent years their focus has been on fortifying and expanding their foothold around Greater Los Angeles, advancing as far east as Colorado. This has increasingly put the into conflict with not only EuroCorp, but also Cayman Global who feel threatened by Aspari overtures into their Central American territories.

/ end of entry

Aspari LA Skyline FINAL RGB

Los Angeles Aspari Skyline

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