Agents are the elite forces of the worldwide Syndicates which they are used during missions. In Syndicate agents they were carefully selected Human beings who were then brainwashed and drugged and a variety of technology to do the Syndicate's bidding however in the sequel Syndicate Wars, the agents were supposedly bio-engineered in an effort to create a more "perfect" agent with less usage of drugs though both agent types can be equipped with cybernetics enhancements to increase combat efficiency. Whilst prototype agents such as Miles Kilo, protagonist of the Syndicate reboot work autonomously, with their free will more or less intact, later generations are directly controlled by an executive or onboard an airship above their deployment zone.

Intel feedEdit

Agents, the latest generation of corporate enforces, are based on engineered military veterans; enhanced, chipped and designed to utilize prototype Syndicate research. Intelligence indicate that design methods vary, from bio-engineering and chemical stimulation to cybernetic enhancement and robotics.

The militarized DART 6.1 chip is under development by EuroCorp Agent Operations, Research and Development, New York.

Black Stripe security is in effect and all data handling is subject to direct termination protocol.