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Propaganda 3
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A Train to Catch is the fourth mission in Syndicate. The player is tasked with reaching an escape train to escape from Los Angeles.



After entering the station, turn right and open the door of the security booth using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F. Kill the two guards outside it and head through the door on your right. Head through the safety deposit room and down the stairs. Take down the guards in the atrium and keep going straight until you reach a set of doors. Take the left ones, and head down the stairs in this room. Once again you'll reach a large atrium. You'll have to hold out here for approximately 5 minutes, until the train arrives. Merit says he will head inside first to open the train doors from the inside until an Aspari agent dashes to Merit and roundhouse kicks him into the train and jumps in. This is a good time to get ammo and any weapons. Open the train doors and the Aspari agent will kick you down when the doors are slightly open then the fight begins.

The key to taking down the Agent is continuously firing on him whilst you keep moving. If the agent takes enough damage, clones will spawn and attack you. If this happens, attack the clones until they are forcefully slammed back into the Agent (note that the more times this happens, more clones spawn due to it). Repeat this until you are able to breach him (when 7 clones are present), which will cause all clones to slam into him and will cause him to overload and die. After he dies, extract his chip and open the train car doors. When inside, Merit will regain consciousness and will say that he is losing his touch due to being knocked out by a low leveled Aspari agent, then you will have to reach the controls, which takes you through a passenger car . During this, Merit shoots all the passengers and the guard in the engine of the train when he acts like an officer at the locked door to the engine saying that everything has been cleared and it is okay to come out. In the engine, Merit passes out saying you have to breach the train controls. After that, the milestone ends.


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Propaganda Tag #10

  1. After killing two security guards and going through the security booth, look to your right.
  2. Head inside the safety deposit boxes room and turn out. The propaganda should be on the ceiling.
  3. When waiting for the train, there should be some stairs in the center. Head downstairs, and look through the glass doors for the last propaganda piece.

Business CardsEdit

  1. After entering the safety deposit boxes room, look left as you move through it. The business card should be on the ground near a case.


  • APP-3
  • TAR-39
  • Kunsanagi HSR-6
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