Syndicate 2012 200px-APP-3 concept art
Manufacturer Aser-Tellinger Ind.
License I.I.A.
Projectile .45 (semi/burst)
Clip size 18-round
weight 18.2 oz. (516 g)

The APP3 is a lightweight versatile pistol manufactured by Aser-Tellinger Ind.. It is first seen in Wakeup Call, and is carried by most enemies in that level.

It is a reliable sidearm capable of taking down standard enemies in three shots.

Intel feedEdit

Licensed production by 26 manufacturers, world-wide, makes this the standard sidearm for private security agencies across the globe. It's safe, reliable and very easy to use thanks to the "RapidFire®" action trigger system. The .45 bullets are easy to manufacture and readily available in abundance.

In reference to its popularity, an independent survey stated that the APP-3 handguns were used in more than 47 percent of urban shooting in America, 2065.

The secondary fire burst mode allows an even greater rate of fire, although with its limited recoil dampening, the APP-3 suffers from significant climb when fired this way.


  • .45 HSC Ammo: The first invention of munitions with a weighted core were designed to pierce armor. But for handgun variations, a side-effect of the Takashi HSC rounds was impact splintering that caused internal bleeding. A much-protested human rights violation, but a welcome boost of stopping power for armed security personnel.
  • APP-3S: When EuroCorp developed an interest in the lightweight APP-3, they wanted a special variation of the standard wepon. Selective fire was Takashi's response, with the regular semi-automatic and an additional semi-automatic three-shot burst mode that provides a lot more power when used in close quarters.
  • Gyrostabilized Compensator: Ensures aim stability and minimizes scatter by compensating gas pressure and actively redirecting the barrel inside a gyrostabilized hardcase. some users have reported that it feels like the gun has a life of its own as you fire, explaining the technology's 'ghost aim' marketing moniker.
  • Magazine Extension: In the mid-2030s, clip size restrictions were abandoned in North American legislation and weapons manufacturers were quick to respond. Takashi Defense Systems released the A3E magazine, extending the clip by 8 rounds. This is the next generation of the A3, without the jamming tendencies and with the same sense of reliability as the core product.